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Thank you for using Shaoxing Zhongyi ZYW130-RG Chartless Recorder。

The manual provides users solutions of installation, operation, configuration, exception diagnosis, etc。 To ensure the stable operation of ZYW130-RG Chartless Recorder, please read the manual carefully before installation and operation, and after that, please keep the manual properly。

ZYW130-RG Chartless Recorder (ZYW130-RG) is a new product developed by Zhejiang Chint ZhongZi Control Engineering Co。, Ltd。 based on a number of key independent core technologies。

Taking advantages of its solid technical basis and advanced awareness of science and technology,relying on years of instrumentation development and application experience, and on the basis of investigating the opinions of a wide range of new and old users in different industries,the performance and technical Specifications of the product is in a leading position of thesame type of products in China.

ZYW130-RG is a new intelligent recording instrument with an advanced 32-bit CPU,large-scale integrated circuit and graphic LCD display. The interface is information-rich,easy-to-operate and user-friendly:

·Fully isolated universal input, multiple signals input, without modules replacement,and software configuration is accessible。

·Use 32M large-capacity flash memory chip to store historical data, no data lost even power-off occurred.

·Standard serial communication interface: RS-232 and RS-485, Modbus RTU protocol.

·The clipboard copy and paste function can facilitate user parameter settings.

·The bit mark and unit of a project can be configured.

·Four groups of curves, free-form curves match, and the curve color can be customized.

·Equipped with standard USB interface, support USB1。1, USB2。0 disk, support FAT16/32,the historical data transmitting is simple。

·External micro-printer is supported to satisfy the requirement of field printing.


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